Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whew! We've been busy!

A lot has transpired in the Boyle household in the last few weeks.  I've already been back at work for a month!  Can you believe it?!? Neither can I.  I'll just start at the beginning and you can feel free to check out as you get bored (you might be bored already, in which case, feel free to check out now). 

Cooper and McKenna had their 4 month and 3 year old checkups, respectively.  Cooper is 17 pounds and 26.5" tall.  He's in the 95th percentile for everything. I told you we were growing a monster.  McKenna has slowed down a little bit, she's 35 pounds and 37.5" tall, and now only in the 75% percentile for height and weight.  Check out the little ragamuffins (Cooper's the one rockin' the beer gut):

We got the Triple-J clan + B-Stromer together for a little barbecue at the Stromer's house in Loveland.  As you can see we've been prolific in the past three years... From zero children to 6 in 3 years and 1 month.  Nice work team!
Cooper and I headed to California for the Tomblin Family Picnic I only managed one picture of Cooper and no pictures of the rest of the family. Nice work right? I flew out there to be with the whole extended family and didn't go inside to get the camera.
McKenna and John stayed home and had a little fun Dad and McKenna time, which included a trip to the wildlife experience and IKEA.

I'm still a little bitter that they didn't wait for me to go to IKEA since I've been bragging about how I was going to eat soft-serve ice cream and wander around for hours, capped off by purchasing cinnamon rolls at the checkout. But alas, they ditched me and go with Grammie and Aunt Mary. What the junk? 

McKenna and John had a blast, and he even continued our tradition of going to Starbucks together before Church on Sunday morning.  She loves drinking 'coffee' and having a 'bagel' (code for: hot chocolate and a low fat turkey bacon and egg white english muffin... close to coffee and a bagel, but whatever)

While they were having fun at home, Mini-Cooper and I were having fun in California.  We hung out with Aunt Blair, Uncle Jared and Toast (Baby Riley).  

We actually did take some pictures of Grandma holding the kids, which is a marked improvement from our last few visits. Those visits only had pictures of Grandma next to the kids in their car seats... as we were leaving for the airport. Here's a cute one with Grandma holding Mini-Cooper and Toast. 
Here is Cooper with my Grandpa.  Grandpa may be mildly obsessed with him... merely because he is a boy.  I mean, how cute is this picture: 

Mini-Cooper also got to spend some time with his girlfriend Aubrey.  As you can see from this photo, she was super excited to see her man-champion. 
In other news, our Mini-Cooper isn't so mini anymore.  He now rolls over, and yesterday John even put him in the exersaucer for the first time.  He loves it! 

I think that's it for now.  Another marathon blog post soon I'm sure. 


  1. So fun to see those growing kids:) And I feel ya about Ikea..I've been dreaming and talking about going to shop and eat and just plain be in Ikea bliss since they opened (6 days after having Bode)...It was all I could do to not jump up and go! But still havent!!! Maybe we leave the kids with the boys and we go have happy "mom time" ;)

  2. Heck yes Mackenzie... How's Saturday sound??? ;-)