Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cooper's Second Day

So far, Cooper is having a very relaxing second day on the outside. He's been really sleepy and quiet, but this morning had a couple hours of good awake time. Isn't it interesting how newborn babies do absolutely nothing, but you can't stop watching them? Later today, it's going to get busy though, with more visits from friends and family and doctors and nurses. This kid's gonna need an iPhone to keep his schedule straight. Here's a video of him checking out the world:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Updated Stats and Photos

Cooper's head is 14 inches around (just like McKenna) and he is 20 inches long (same as big sister, too). He's pretty relaxed and mostly has been snoozing.

We got moved over to our recovery room and Grammie (John's mom) just arrived with Chipotle and is holding her very first grandson, who is currently wrapped up in a similar fashion to a Chipotle burrito. McKenna isn't feeling well (she has a fever), unfortunately, so she had to stay home with Aunt Mary. She's beside herself. Here's a pic with Grammie:

Hello World!

Cooper John Boyle was born at 5:30pm! He is 7lbs 11oz...still waiting on the length. Lindsay pushed for about 20 min...things went from 0-60 really quickly. Linds and Copper are doing great...he can't wait to meet his big sister!

What time is it?

Game time!! Here we go!

Hurry up and...wait

Sorry we haven't had any exciting updates...that's because we haven't had anything exciting happen. Nothing's really changed, as of the last check, but the doctor is coming down to check in soon, and we should have a better idea of the progress. Meanwhile, Lindsay's been napping on and off. We'll let you know when something happens.

The Flood Gates

The doctor came by awhile ago and broke Lindsay's water. Then, I went to the cafe downstairs to get a delicious lunch. Lindsay had gatorade. I kinda felt bad, but I have to keep my strength up for the blogging and everything else.

Overall, things are pretty quiet so far, but the doctor said he thinks Cooper will arrive this afternoon, definitely before 6. Everything is progressing nicely, and the doctor thinks it's going to go a lot quicker now.

The nurse just wheeled in the epidural cart and the anesthesiologist just arrived.

The Big Sister

Some of you may be wondering how McKenna is doing. She's at home with Grammie and Aunt Mary, and we just got an update. After she had eaten her breakfast (waffles with syrup) she asked them, "do we have some ice cream around here?"

So, yeah, she's doing fine.

At the hospital

Lindsay has informed me that my main job for the day is to keep this blog up to date. Thus far, I have been derelict in my duties. But, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. We got to the hospital at 6am, checked in, and settled in our room. This is our view:

In case you aren't familiar with Boulder, that's the University, with the Flatirons in the background. The view of Folsom Field is the best part. Go Buffs!

Also, I snuck some food up to Lindsay (don't tell). The nurse just started her pitocin which will start the induction. Let's get this party started!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

All We Need is a Baby

So here we are... the night before we're going to have baby brother Cooper... I thought I'd take one last picture of his room before he lives in it... More updates to come tomorrow! We'll try to be as creative as last time, but if John gets the computer, who knows what will happen :-)