Friday, April 29, 2011

The Flood Gates

The doctor came by awhile ago and broke Lindsay's water. Then, I went to the cafe downstairs to get a delicious lunch. Lindsay had gatorade. I kinda felt bad, but I have to keep my strength up for the blogging and everything else.

Overall, things are pretty quiet so far, but the doctor said he thinks Cooper will arrive this afternoon, definitely before 6. Everything is progressing nicely, and the doctor thinks it's going to go a lot quicker now.

The nurse just wheeled in the epidural cart and the anesthesiologist just arrived.


  1. Good job, Daddy. And hang in there, Momma!! Can't wait to meet the little brother and see you all. Love and hugs!

  2. The floodgates?! How... descriptive. :)

    Tell Kelly hi for me... oh wait. :( Who do you guys have now?

  3. I'm super jealous Linds got to drink Gatorade! I wasn't allowed ANYTHING but those damn (s'cuse me) ice chips...hahahaha... Tell Cooper it's time to come out now!