Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Official First Meeting and the Remainder of the First Week

Sorry for the delay... our computer's hard drive was full, so I couldn't upload this video until I deleted some stuff. Since McKenna couldn't come meet Cooper in the hospital because she'd been running a 101.5 temp, we had to wait for the first 'official' meeting between the two of them until they let us out of the hospital. It was as awesome as we thought it would be, she loves him and has been such a great big sister (or a little mommy depending on how you look at it). The biggest adjustment so far has been that she can't always get what she wants the very moment she wants it. Probably a good adjustment in my opinion.

Here are some photos from the last few days, since we've been remiss in posting anything:

Our first family of 4 photo, my sweatpants are the best/worst part...and it appears to be time to update our photos on the wall there behind us...

McKenna holding baby brother. She is good with it for less than a minute at a time, and as soon as he makes any noise she says, "he doesn't want me anymore" and tries to stand up without warning me first. Needless to say, I have to be within arms reach at all times, or baby brother might end up being Flat Stanley:

Here I am holding Cooper, his eyes are open... a rare occasion around here. You can see that me sitting on the couch with just him was short lived, McKenna immediately joined me with her baby. She is very interested in whatever it is that I'm doing, and copies it immediately.

If you look closely, you can see her checking me out to make sure she's doing it right... and no I don't have elephantiasis of the arm, it's the pillow that is making it look like Popeye the Sailor-man, I swear. I've lost 22 pounds this week... take that Biggest Loser.

And finally, this has always been John's dream... both kids for bedtime story and prayer. They loved it. John's mom asked if John were telling Cooper a fish story, since he looks like he was saying, "How big was it? This big?"

That's all for now, let the summer vacation commence! (Yes this is my idea of a summer vacation, minus the recovery and aches and pains... those will hopefully go away by next week, and then phase two, the summer of physical fitness can commence... I have two races to train for, and my bike isn't riding itself).