Friday, September 30, 2011


A lot of milestones have occurred in the Boyle household in the last few days.  Cooper reached his 5th month of life on the outside. He also popped a tooth through unbeknownst to his parents. McKenna decided to poop in her pants again for the first time in about 8 months, and in honor of that momentous occasion she also decided to spread diaper rash cream all over her room... and then Mommy decided to have two glasses of wine with dinner.

In all seriousness though, we have had a big week.  McKenna is such a great big sister, she is so helpful, and loves her little brother so much.  She makes him laugh uncontrollably when he's in his car seat, and attempts to be a constant source of entertainment for him during every waking moment of his day.  I really hope this continues throughout their lives.  It'd be really sweet to be able to look back on their lives and say with all sincerity that they've loved each other from the beginning. McKenna has the sweetest little spirit, she is a people pleaser, and genuinely cares how we view her, she seems to not want to disappoint us and really tries (as much as a three year old can) to obey and follow the rules.


On to Cooper.  What a mellow guy! He goes with the flow, nothing... not even teething... seems to bother him.  I've been sticking my fingers in his mouth the last few days wondering if he was teething.  He was giving us the massive amount of drool commensurate with new teeth, but none of the fussiness. So I just chalked it up to him being a boy, attributing it to the old adage, 'girls rule and boys drool.' How wrong I was!  He really was teething.  We have a tooth picture to prove it (you're going to have to use your imagination here, the picture is blurry and looks like something out of The Miracle of Life:

In honor of Cooper's new tooth, or his 5th month birthday or because we bought it at the store, we decided today was the day to feed Cooper some rice cereal. You may remember how much McKenna liked it when she first tried it... Here she is eating it for the first time. Cooper on the other hand LOVED it. Here's a video of the blessed event:

All in all, they're good kids and I think we'll probably keep them.


  1. so fun! Cooper is ready for steak and potatoes!

  2. Looks like Cooper wants to feed himself.

    Out of curiosity, does Cooper suck on two fingers like McKenna does?

  3. Sometimes Cooper sucks his two fingers, just like his big sister, but mostly it's his thumb.