Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's nearing the end...

...of my maternity leave. How depressing! I told myself going into this summer that I would view my time off with Cooper and McKenna as a summer vacation, and I really have. Unfortunately, like those vacations we had from school when we we're younger, this one has flown by. Cooper is already three months old, and I am 41 pounds lighter (not that great of an accomplishment when you consider I lost 30 pounds in the first week). I'm really going to miss being home with my kids, it's been a major blessing spending time with them. The hardest part about leaving maternity leave is getting back into the routine of work, right now I'm focused 23/7 on Cooper and his needs, and 1/7 on my race that's coming up on Saturday :-), focusing on other things sounds less attractive at this point. I'm sure I'll manage, I did when I had to go back after McKenna, but it will be painful and hard just the same. I will truly miss the time we've spent together as a family and even more the time Cooper and I've spent just mother and son, it's been really special. T minus 13 days until I head back to the ol' salt mine. If you think of it, please be praying for me... I could certainly use it!

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