Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have no words. I realized today that I hadn't posted on our blog in 6 months. Lots has changed, mostly the changes are related to the kids growing like weeds.  We missed posting about Christmas, New Years, our trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa in California, our birthdays, and now, it's only two weeks until Cooper turns ONE!  I can't even believe it.

Let's just do a photo essay on the last 6 months, because I don't have the time or the energy to write the type of post the last 6 months deserve. I'd be here for the next 6 months trying to come up with it, let's be honest.

So here we go.

We had a great Christmas. McKenna understand who Santa is, and who Jesus is. Thankfully, she's only scared of Santa.

 Some other people the children could have been frightened by:

And apparently Cousin Eddie came to visit our house during the Christmas season... Clark W. Griswold did a pretty poor job of getting him to go home in his fancy RV.

 From there we headed to California to visit Grandma and Grandpa (who were not pictured in any of these pictures for some reason)
 It was 75 degrees in JANUARY. Yet we still came back to Colorado. I don't get it:

And McKenna got to play with her cousin Toast:

 I mean seriously, why do we live in Colorado when we could kill off Grandma and Grandpa and take their house? We could see stuff like this every night:
 And we tooled around San Clemente in this bad boy:

 And then we came home to this... the white stuff is called 'snow' in case you're not familiar with it:
 Cooper experienced pancakes for the first time. He looks thrilled:

 Did I mention we make pancakes? Lots of them. Like every Saturday. EVERY SATURDAY:
 John realized a life long goal of going to an RV and Boat show. He hugged an Airstream:
 Did I mention there was lots of snow at our house this winter?:
 Cooper's hair grew like a weed, so we had to do something with it obviously:
 Then the Faux-Hawk had to go. I shaved that puppy off:
 Jocelyn came to visit with Holland so we went to the Children's museum in Denver, and McKenna realized her lifelong dream of being a fireman:
 A few weeks after that John realized a lifelong goal of his, getting his picture taken with Coach Mac:
 And apparently McKenna had ice cream. Some of it may have made it into her mouth:

Well. That's it for now. I will post again after Cooper's first birthday. Promise. (notice I didn't commit to a timeframe only to the physical act of posting)

TTYL. Bye.


  1. yea!!! i've been waiting for a new post!!! cute pics. my fave is the one of McKenna with the box of's like she wakes up and knows its saturday! LOVE YOU!

  2. this made my night!!!!!!!!! I've missed you......your comments are priceless because I feel like I'm talking to you as I'm reading them!!! :)

  3. Okay this is all well and good. Cute pictures and comments...HOWEVER don't think I missed the one about killing me off to get house! HEY people out there, you may be called as witnesses should I meet my end sooner than expected...just sayin'. And yet, oddly, you're always welcome to come back and take 'little red' out for a spin. XO

  4. No way is Cooper almost 1 !!